Watch Beginnings - Letters

Watch Beginnings - Letters

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    Engaging, unforgettable tales provide an introduction to the world of colors you and your child can enjoy again and again! As the video plays, color-themed shapes transform into everyday objects. Guess what happens next with each new scene! Set to a playful original music soundtrack.

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  • Beginnings - First Words

    Adorable characters and engaging, narrated vignettes provide little ones with a fun introduction to first vocabulary words. Each scene features a new word and unfolds like a puzzle set to music – a fun way for you and your child to laugh, “talk” and interact as you discover what happens next.


  • Beginnings - Music Sounds

    Simple shapes transform into birds that flock together as a violin plays; discover a frog that hops to the sound of a clarinet. Each new, adorable animal character is matched to a new tune – a great way for you and your child to enjoy the distinct sounds of musical instruments, as you move and da...